About myself

10 years ago

It is not so important who I am and what I am. I think that my paintings can tell more about me and my personality than any words.

It's not that I intentionally keep in secret my name and biography (I don't think this is at all possible with the current level of social media prevalence). It just seems to me that information about the artist can impose certain filters and distort the impression of the painting itself.

I can only say that I am not a professional artist, but I try to paint honestly and with all my heart.

I rarely paint something to order, because sometimes it's hard and boring for me. The pleasure is to try new things and experimenting.

Sometimes the whole process starts without any ideas, just a search for something. Sometimes I try to implement some specific plan, idea. Sometimes just a dream, a feeling.

I hope you will like my pictures. Thank you in advance for your attention.