The guest book

Your responses:

I’ve liked many pictures. It is visible, certainly, that you are still in searches of the style. But general impression is good. Even it’s desirable to live. I don’t understand at all in design of interiors, but what is it – the rose of winds on a floor of a toilet? A symbol of cleanliness of life or scope of process?
Oksana. Moscow. December 2005.

The young man. I haven’t found your name on a site. I have such a question. You approve one thing that you aspire to combine art and construction to the full etc. But I don’t see in your portfolio neither list of walls, nor an art modeling, and even it’s no many pictures on the walls. What is it – tribute to severe Scandinavian spirit? And then – again red horse. Well you see it was already at Petrov-Vodkin. Really, would paint it other color, whether that. As it frightens. Though, certainly you are talented man. Some moments in your pictures impose me. Only don’t drive so strongly your horse. West doesn’t love Slavic madness.
Rozalia L’vovna, Tel Aviv, November 2005.

And what, it’s not bad. Simply and with taste. Well, and can you trim my summer residence? I live in Vyborg. Here beside. So that I’ve arrived and my soul has had a rest. My wife has transformed an apartment to the Italian furniture store. Well, bring with you a pair of workers. There is a lot of work. Once I have taken some – only promises, then I’ve forced them to remake. Well write me by e-mail, my manager will answer to you –
Tolya, Vyborg, November 2005.

I admit, I didn’t know you, didn’t hear anything about you till today.
Now in the street it’s about twenty degrees of a frost. Looking on your works, think, soon you see the spring there will come…And again all will filled with life…
I’m sure, you will find popularity at your life. You see. Quantity of successfully sold pictures not yet a finish, the main thing is recognition of talent by millions of those who are not so capable to them get, but will enjoy!
Good luck to you and be healthy. Yours faithfully,
Marina, January 2006.

It’s great, especially the picture with a fence with three chairs. I’m an artist too and it’s very close, I’ve taken many useful things for myself. Yours faithfully,
Vladimir, April 2006.

Dear Stranger!:-) I look your works and I admire by your talent! And, as I suspect, you are not limited only by it…Of course, you will achieve MUCH in your life, but take a look around…
KS, August 2006.